(oo-blee-EHT) [French: from oublier: to forget] A secret, underground cell in a castle, with an entrance that was only a hole in the stone floor above, where individual prisoners were kept, usually until they died.
   In this final picture the legendary figure of the president of the First Czech Republic gazes from his homemade oubliette like Vodník himself peering from some South Bohemian pond. —The New Criterion, May 1999.

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  • oubliette — [ ublijɛt ] n. f. • fin XIVe; oubliete v. 1360; de oublier ♦ Généralt au plur. Cachot où l on enfermait les personnes condamnées à la prison perpétuelle. ♢ Fosse couverte d une trappe basculante où l on faisait tomber ceux dont on voulait se… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Oubliette — Ou bli ette , n. [F., fr. oublier to forget, fr. (assumed) LL. oblitare, L. oblivisci, p. p. oblitus.] A dungeon with an opening only at the top, found in some old castles and other strongholds, into which persons condemned to perpetual… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • oubliette — secret dungeon reached only via trapdoor, 1819, from Fr. oubliette (14c.), from M.Fr. oublier to forget, from O.Fr. oblider, from V.L. *oblitare, from L. oblitus, pp. of oblivisci to forget (see OBLIVION (Cf. oblivion)) …   Etymology dictionary

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  • oubliette — /ooh blee et /, n. a secret dungeon with an opening only in the ceiling, as in certain old castles. [1810 20; < F, MF, equiv. to oubli(er) to forget, OF oblider < VL *oblitare, deriv. of L oblitus (ptp. of oblivisci to forget; see OBLIVION) + MF… …   Universalium

  • oubliette — noun /uːblɪˈɛt/ A dungeon only accessible by a trapdoor at the top …   Wiktionary

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